The 9th DHPF-Bio! 2024 in May just followed CIDPEX 2024 (13-17 May) in China and before ANEX in Taiwan, so arrange your business trip to China or Taiwan for hygiene exhibition and our events, this one is mainly for the sustainable trend globally, bio-based materials and composte trend in hygiene industry. We will work together with 2-3 Plastics degradation associations to hold this, and share some new raw materials, technologies, policies and trends...


The 6th IDHPF 2024 will together with DHPF-MENA in Dubai on 11-12/12/2024!

Since 2017 till 2022 IDHPFs are all in India, 2023 5th IDHPF was happened in Bangkok, I hope WIS can take IDHPF to some new markets, to develope and let more and more people know well about India hygiene industry. I do appreciate your suggestions, feel free to let me know your ideas on IDHPF 2024.


If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can register one by one, also you can register all three together to get more benefits and discount!