Real Time Data Analytics System Start to Expand China Market


Kevin Snook, Founder and CEO of Saxagon Limited

The Power Of Data Analytics in the Hygiene Industry

Kevin was determined to use his 16 years experience with P&G, and 4 years as Managing Director of a multi-national company, to accelerate the profitability of more manufacturing businesses. The combination of real-time data analytics and world class consulting methods has made a powerful difference for our hygiene clients.


Saxagon consultants assess the hygiene manufacturing facilities, the teams and the methods of clients, to identify the priorities for improvement. We then work hand-in-hand with the client, doing whatever it takes to implement the strategy. Saxagon has used this smart-data approach,across a range of multi-national hygiene manufacturers, to help our clientsdeliver outstanding results.


On 13th, May, the Day Two of 3rd Disposable Hygiene Products Forum, Kevin brought the innovative Real Data Technology to China for the first time.

What is a smart factory? It is one in which the data required to make the right decisions is available at your fingertips. Where Real Time Data flows to the points that it is needed, in a manner that can be most effectively used. Kevin showed the power of data for manufacturing.


Below are main points of the presentation:


• Data is Power and in the Hygiene Industry there are proven solutions on how to collect and analyze data

• Effective systems link data from existing sensors, on a wide range manufacturing equipment, to derive the most user effective information

• Savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars are being achieved now with RoI of 300% and payback within months of installation.