4th DHPF- Design and R&D System Construction 2016


On 17th-18th, November, 4th Disposable Hygiene Products Forum (DHP Design and R&D System Construction 2016) was organized by WIS Consulting Ltd. in Guangzhou, China. It was a big success to attract around 35 top and middle diapers/sanitary napkins manufactures like Baiya, C-bons,  DSG, Kayson,Oji Group, U-Play etc. and many leading suppliers such as Fameccanica, Invista, Sandvik, ZUIKO and so on.


LESSO Group, Sandvik, CP Kelco, TOMINAGA Packaging Machine and TechAdhesion sponsored this event. Our eminent speakers presented innovative technology and new materials. Kevin Snook from Saxagon Limited shared new development of smart factory and Real Data Technology. We learnt that some companies signed business partership contract after our meeting.


During the event, what impressed us most was the presentation from one global top brand about the R&D System Construction, Connect + Develop model and case study. After the event, we got many positive feedback from participants that they reveived information of many advanced technologies and new products, also they had much enlightenments of building R&D system. 

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