Richer Investment

Founded by Carlos Richer, an International Diaper Industry Consultant with more than 32 years experience with diaper manufacturing.

We are eager to provide you with the best consulting services available to the disposable diaper industry today. We can teach you and help you understand what is needed in order to avoid common and costly mistakes. Our most popular audit services are based on a three day visit covering most areas of the diaper manufacturing process: from diaper design, potential cost saving opportunities, identifying diaper machine upgrades, teach you on the use of statistical models to improve diaper performance, review and improvement suggestions to your current quality system, suggestions on how to take full advantage of your automatic inspection systems, setting up or improving your quality control lab, diaper machine troubleshooting software to reduce downtime with operator training.

Diaper Recycling Technology

Diaper Recycling Technology design & manufacture state of the art diaper recycling solutions. Our equipment is a technology company solely focused on advanced diaper recycling solutions. Our technology is used within hygiene plants (Adult-Baby-Fem) to reclaim pulp & SAP from rejected products offering world class in-line and central equipment solutions. 


Mobi-Air®, makers of Mobi-Flex®, the hygiene industry’s most advanced filtration platform supports hygiene manufacturers to meet their environmental, financial and operational targets through low energy, state of the art flexible equipment solutions. The Mobi-Air® equipment platform is still the world’s only TRUE HYBRID FILTER TECHNOLOGY offering the best of both bag-house and drum-filter technology and break-through performances to the end-user. 

Saxagon Limited

Saxagon Limited is a seasoned team of manufacturing consultants and engineers, dedicated to improving hygiene manufacturing companies. We implement world-class systems and procedures to get breakthrough, sustainable results for our clients. 

Saxagon consultants assess the hygiene manufacturing facilities, the teams and the methods of clients, to identify the priorities for improvement. We then work hand-in-hand with the client, doing whatever it takes to implement the strategy. 


The basis of improvement is having the right data available to make effective decisions. To achieve this, Saxagon has proprietary real-time data analytics solutions that pull a wide variety of data directly from the production lines and facilities. This data is analyzed and presented in real-time, to the fingertips of employees, in a manner that is easy to interpret.


Saxagon has used this smart-data approach, across a range of multi-national hygiene manufacturers, to help our clients deliver outstanding results. Though our technology is unique, our goal is simple. To help our clients grow their business and profits.

Soothe Healthcare

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we at Soothe Healthcare seek to bring technology and quality to healthcare, treatment and diagnostics, to improve the quality of life of the global community which we believe we are all a part of, and must give back to. We are proud to be associated with a range of products that is trusted by consumers and professionals alike. Based out of Greater Noida, we have an installed capacity to produce 225 million pads per annum. Soothe Healthcare is a proud member of CII, IMA, FIEO and TiE, and was awarded Spirit of Manufacturing Award, 2014. PareeTM is our flagship brand offering personal care products to women and girls. PareeTM sanitary pads is a top quality product made to world class specifications. 

LUCIDi4 Limited

LUCIDi4 was created to serve hygiene manufacturers with a goal to boost productivity and reduce scrap rates. LUCIDi4 relies on both technology and human capital training to deliver value to its clients.  

The LUCIDi4 RTD system is a real-time data analytics solution that pulls a variety of data directly from the production lines and facilities. This data is then analyzed and presented in real time to the fingertips of front line employees, in a manner that is easy for them to interpret and make smart decisions. Whether the data is related to product rejects, line stops, quality, equipment reliability, personnel productivity, or power utilization, the objective is the same: to find the priorities for improvement and implement that required change.

The LUCIDi4 RTD system is a low capital, service-based solution with no hidden licensing, technical maintenance or upgrade fees. The data is secured using the same encryption system as the major banks, and is only available to those authorized to view it. The system requires only 15 minutes pre-arranged shut down time on the line for connection and is independent from the software that controls the production line.


TechAdhesion (TA) is a domestic technology enterprise base in Guangzhou North in China and is the leader in Southeast Asia. TA devotes to the design, development, and manufacture of Hot Melt Equipment and Coating Machine which widely applied to Disposable Nonwovens Products, Packaging, Paper Converting and Products Assembly. Established in year 2000 by David Zhou, TA has 6 other sales offices throughout China and has sales offices in Brazil, USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia which are operated via distributor agreements.

Adhesive application systems are primary supplied for OEM and Enduser of Nonwovens & Packaging Industries. About 85% of business is systems related and 10% spare parts and 5% Lycra unwinds stand with automatic tension controls.

Nobel Hygiene

Nobel Hygiene is the undisputed leader in the adult diaper category and the only Indian manufacturer of both, adult and baby diapers. We pioneered the concept of adult diapers in India, and our brand Friends has been the market leader in category ever since its launch in 2000. Our baby diaper Teddyy, is Indias largest home-grown baby diaper brand. Nobel Hygiene is one of the leading disposable hygiene products manufacturers in the country with an ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certification. Headquartered in Mumbai, we are one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies in India with an objective of providing Indian consumers with the best-in-class, hygiene products. Nobel Hygiene believes in playing a vital role by contributing to the changes in the lifestyle of its customers. At Nobel Hygiene, our endeavor is to offer people across age groups, with products that will enhance their comfort and confidence and eventually aid in allowing them to lead a stress-free life. Moving one step at a time, towards a Happier World.


Shandong Haoyue New Materials Co., Ltd. is based on the field of super absorbent polymer, strictly follows the high-quality brand way, and devotes itself to providing a whole new experience for customers of sanitary napkin, diaper and other living goods. After ten years development, Haoyue has developed into a super absorbent polymer manufacturer integrating research and development, manufacturing, sale and service. Now it has six series including dozens of innovative products. 

Foshan Kayson Hygiene Products Co.,Ltd is an enterprise which focuses on research and development, production and sales on sanitary napkins, disposable baby diapers and pads.We have trained a professional team with high qualification for product research and development and quality monitoring and control.Our products have numerous specifications and cater to meet the needs of the market.Our own brands include Meishi, Xiaoshi, U-style Baby, Shidanli, Music Baby and also,Agnes,which is especially for exporting only.

Fujian QiFeng Tech.CO.,Ltd is a company which leads the whole supply chain of breathable film industry in China. It developed CaCO3 surface treatment technology, breathable film compounder technology, flexo printing, film lamination independently. 2# factory of QIFENG set compounding system from Germany, W&H blown line from Germany, flexo printer from Italy, these lines will start up from Jan, 2018.

Nan Pao Resins Corporation was founded in 1953, with headquarter in Taiwan. Nan Pao company is a famous worldwide producer in adhesives, ranked top 10 in the world, and went public in Taiwan. We have production plants or services affiliates in over 30 countries or regions. Nan Pao is specialized in providing ideal bonding solution quickly and effectively, and we are your best choice of global partner.

Schneider Electric is a leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. We make it possible for IOT-enabled solutions to seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act on data in real-time delivering enhanced safety, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Chongqing Yiwei Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in the internet of things industry, development of disposable sanitary product performance testing equipment,which is a set of product development, design, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, the existing R & D technical backbone of more than thirty.

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